experiments training photo fine art

training photo fine art
passable money for college we can buy some equipment, experiments, and for hunting, reproduce flying hours.
more efficient and more effective than lectures in my fact opinion.
probably no need to take photography classes ... probably better to take the course wrote ... continue seriously and make some exercise ... if serious, would open a photography business is also rich in what must be developed (capital plus of course also ...).. anyways i know me, if propose as a photographer where so, rarely ask for formal education of photography ... Seeing them is usually the first portfolio ... so, we must wrote passable flying hours (practice works in field )...
and I think also that the main business of photography to be a bit risky ... because the demand up and down (because of the many photographers who were scattered as well of course ..) can be many orders this month, next month could slow orders, can this month we offered a lot of photos of people, could be months before there is a bargain ga ...
Well see from history that you say. Moreover, the parents already support for schools abroad .. Well why not .. learning problems that are not concerned with the place. From this internet if we diligently we can make for our teachers to learn to dig up all the available information. Especially with your acceleration.
In the FN could also be a "university" for you to learn photography. Starting from basic photography to pengembangan2nnya. Study nor from the discussion of the article and diforum. Learn from looking at pictures, learn to criticize the photos, learn to accept kiritikan also a very positive learning media happy.

About the university in the country and abroad where good to get a degree / certificate that I do not know the reference one. Because the science of photography that I got, obtained from the Internet (FN one of them), Community and Experience.

The future of photography is still very promising.
If parents already supported, take a photography class in abroad. Although it seems as formal learning and self-taught, believe there are many advantages that can be obtained with our formal lectures. At least we have the basic theories and concepts clearly, so that it can determine the "style" in the future.
If his institution I do not know, there are some commercial photography in Indonesia Brooke graduated from the Institute of Photography, RMIT.
After graduating first internship in abroad and photographer for add experience, after it had returned to Indonesia and plunge into photography for advertising. Guaranteed that if you have a "Quality" improve skill promising future.
As food for thought. Is Photography's "hobby" or "passion". If you do not take college hobby passable.
if my advice is more you can take college design (product, komvis, architecture, interiors, etc.). Why?
because in addition to your study design, you can also learn photography ... while deepening his knowledge of photography, the course you can ... happy
many have taken in that way really ... and many are successful in this way ...
but it also depends on you to relate, work and pray of course.

college fine art courses in photography

college art courses1. where the school (not a course) my best photography in Indonesia, IKJ, ISI, ITB or any other reply, sorry even if there may be antecedent LN (krn sdh father relented and want to get to the LN origin pay accountable interchangeable), is there an alumni FN members who have been "finished"
All schools on a good one and capable of issuing the graduate to the top in the industry. The difference is the same lecture course, with a course you can only book covers and table of contents alone usually. but if your college can definitely be 'content'.
college fine art courses
college art courses
if want info school art / photography please go abroad. In new york who that is in booming.

2. Sorry in advance, whether the promising future of this world
college fine art courses in photography
if you are interested - excited - believes - that have enabled all the jobs of the future.
photography schools do not always pass so photographers, it could also be a person in the photography business.
asian market is still taboo to 'nude art', all of which do not pake dress nude. There is no art in nude, in the eyes of a child because there is no difference the between 'nude art' and 'porns'.
For photography in my opinion do not need to take a formal education, because why?
1. Photography was practically an art, so it does not require great brain, all from the heart.
2. Photography does have a theory, but not many .. keep read some book enough for alone, or if there is more money to join a course.

Better (IMHO) you take education who is generally taken, is sustenance comes from the on-top, but it never hurts us to strategize on the areas of 'promising'.
The most peculiar profession even in the hands of the right people, can still be a promising future, let alone photography, smpahpun can provide sustenance for those keen to use it, so it's important maybe college photography business as a hobby, rather than photography school and do not understand business, because seize opportunities at the right time is key to your success!
fortunately to be a professional photographer does not need a diploma, not the case in the medical profession, accountants, and the like, so if you are in college.

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