THE Predators Snakes Eat Students at Tembung Rivers Still Hiding

Big phyton snake devouring PGRI junior high student, M Zakaria (13) while bathing in the river Tembung, Percut Sei Tuan, Deli Serdang, North Sumatra is estimated to still hiding in the sewage water tunnel.
Until Monday morning (22 / 3) location of the death of M Zakaria VIII Market Village residents Sei Rattan, Sub Percut Sei Tuan, still filled with people who come from various regions, so the police must secure location.
Nasution Nasution (60) one citizen who has nearly 50 years living in Tembung, Deli Serdang, North Sumatra, said that this was the first time to know a snake phyton seven meters long preyed on the local junior high school student's.
"This bizarre incident was a fairly rare event, and rarely happens in my lifetime who lived not far from the river how it Tembung," Nasution said in a discussion on Tembung, Monday.
Tembung River, Thursday evening (18 / 3) stir residents in the area after a large python and seven meters long, more junior high students who preyed on the shower-bath with three friends who had come home from school.
Python snake, twisting ferociously victim was trying to escape from the stream.
In addition, according to Nasution, a snake in a state of starvation was also slammed bantingkan victims in the river, and eventually limp.
Meanwhile, the three co-victims who made it out of the river trying to get help to residents who lived some distance from the scene.

Furthermore, people with bamboo spears, spear heads and body parts of the snake to let go of his victim.

But ultimately, the work done that people are not in vain, because at that moment the snake off the victim who was in a state battered and lifeless again.
Victims who are released from the mouth of a snake in a state mengganas, according to Nasution, nearly swallowing the junior high school student.
Then the snake, disappearing and dive into the tunnel hiding place and until now never comes out.
Furthermore, he explained, people who know the snake's prey junior high students, also did not want to stay silent, they asked the help of some snake handlers to catch the snake in the Tembung River.
Then, Friday, (19 / 3) at around 19:30 pm, the snake charmer who worked extra hard to help some people finally succeeded in trapping the large size of the snake from his hiding place in the stream.
Snakes are successfully snared with ropes which had already been prepared, having first given feedback in the form of a chicken.
Furthermore, the captured snake was put into the burlap and taken to the police office Percut Sei Tuan for safekeeping.
However, according to the snake charmer who caught the snake. Snake snared it, not the snake that preys on junior high student, but the other snakes that live in Tembung River.
According to the trainer, there are two more big snake living in Tembung River, one of them snakes that prey on junior high students.

Next Nasution said the event was a snake that preys on the junior high school students, including really strange events in this area, because every day it made Tembung River residents as a place to bathe and wash clothes.
However, residents have never seen a snake or other animal to be disturbed in the stream.
"I was really surprised to know there are snakes that prey on junior high school student to death. This is a remarkable event in my lifetime who have tens of years lived in Tembung," he said.
Moreover, according to him, Tembung River's location, to within approximately 200 meters from his house.
"Sometimes I am too often bathe in the Tembung river, but had never seen a snake pun.Kejadian is a very valuable experience for me, the future no more victims prey to a snake," Nasution said.

from : Medan (ANTARA) indonesia.

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