Sword of Damascus the sharper in the world

When the Crusades, European armies were surprised by the sword proprietary by Arab and Persian armies.
The sword they easily penetrate the armor crusader forces, was even able to split the shield.
This is the Sword of Damascus, made of steel under cultivation with a special technique that can have a dead-very strong and sharp.
Sword-making technique is so secret that only a few families in Damascus smiths are mastered, this is also why the techniques of making Damascus steel eventually become extinct.
Until now the technology the most sophisticated metallurgy was not able to make a sword sharper reply from Damascus Sword.
Sword of Damascus is the most sharp swords in the world, more sharply than the Japanese Katana and Kris Indonesia.
In addition to strong, Damascus steel is also very flexible so perfect to be betul2 sword or knife.
This sword can cut silk dropped upon it, is also capable of splitting other sword or a stone with no damage at all.
A microscopic study found that it actually has pedang2 such dipermukaannya glass layer.
You could say Muslim scholars in the Middle East has reached nano technology since a thousand years ago.
Some experts claim the modern metallurgy managed to make steel is very similar reply Damascus steel, but still have not managed to emulate 100%.
Sword-making techniques, including one of Damascus Islamic knowledge lost.
Swords, spears and knives left Damascus reply now scattered in various Museums around the world.
let see the pic.

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