Madonna, in the UK Most Popular Artists

Madonna, in the UK Most Popular Artists

Who knew that Madonna is apparently the most popular artist in the UK in the last decade. Data collected by the People's Artist Chart shows that in the span of ten years, the song Madonna most widely heard in England, surpassing the legendary names like The Beatles, for example.
According to news published by Splash News, People's Artist Chart is compiled based on surveys that they do in England. Data was taken from all forms of 'impressions' including radio, television, direct exposure to the public by other musicians who take the license a song by Madonna.

The result was quite surprising considering there are plenty of big names who turned out to be shifted by Madonna. The Beatles were only able to catch up in second place while the Queen, Elton John and Coldplay also was unable to do much to shift the Madonna from the top of the stairs. Here is the complete list of top ten People's Artist Chart contained Splash News.

01. Madonna 02. The Beatles 03. Robbie Williams 04. Queen 05. Take That 06. Sugababes 07. Elton John 08. Elvis Presley 09. Abba 10. Coldplay.

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