Kuntilanak red shirts catch by camera in sukabumi

Kuntilanak red shirts catch by camera in sukabumiKuntilanak red shirts catch by camera in sukabumi
Houses Kuntilanak red shirts that appear in the recording turned out to save the mystery of the camera phone. Homeowners claimed the house was empty for 17 years.
"This house was abandoned approximately 17 years old, and the record is not accidentally taken my child," said Ika, the homeowner told reporters in Sukabumi, West Java, on Tuesday (01/18/2011).
He told us, the house was owned by a famous puppeteer in the region. "However, the red ghost whom no one knows," he said.
Ika added, in the back yard there are some graves are unknown. "But I'm not sure if it's one of them," he said.
Not only at home Ika, a few homes around it also keeps a mystery. Ika said, there is one very luxurious home built cost Rp1 billion.
"The inhabitants of the house only a short stay there. They said do not feel at home with these sightings, "he explained.

Houses Kuntilanak red shirts appear.

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