great art of luxury Wedding William-Kate prince England unforgettable hystoric this year

great art of luxury Wedding William-Kate prince England unforgettable hystoric this yearfrom : TEMPO Interactive, London - Hundreds of thousands of people spilled into the streets of London, England, to witness the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton yesterday. The wedding took place grandiose cost more than Rp 500 billion, more expensive than the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana in 1981 which cost Rp 409 billion.
William, 28, and Kate, 29, say the marriage vows in front of nearly 2,000 guests at the Church of Westminster Abbey. They passed a couple by the Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams.
In front of the altar was also William, who now holds the Duke of Cambridge, had praised the beauty Kate is wearing a dress made from silk and satin. "You look stunning," said William.
Around a million people, who since last week to spend the night on the roadside between Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace, and 2 billion television viewers all over the world witnessed an important moment of the seconds that. "William and Kate's Wedding this brings new hope to the younger generation British," said John Edwards, a resident of London, told Tempo correspondent in Britain.
Sunny weather and blue skies make the atmosphere more intense. Union Jack flag fluttering. Terrorist threats and the rain that had been feared did not happen. Promptly at 09:51 GMT, Kate out of the hotel where he stayed Göring accompanied his father. Ride Rolls-Royce Phantom VI black, he moves toward Westminster Abbey.
"We want Kate, we wanted to Kate," exclaimed while waving citizens towards the bride who is now holding the title Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge. Wearing long white dresses made by Sarah Burton of homes famous fashion designer Alexander McQueen, Kate smiled as she waved her hand.
Since the morning mass was gathered in downtown London. Guests who totaled 1,900 invitations began arriving at 08.15 local time, while the wedding ceremony was held at 11.00 local time. The BBC reported the 3000-5000 people set up tents there.

"Not sure I can see things like this more historic," said Isabel Minguez, 18 years, tourists from Spain. As for Prince William, who wore a red robe Ireland bodyguards, arrived at 09:15 GMT.

"I will do everything well," said Prince William when the messages conveyed marriage. After the official marriage, William and Kate Landau State horse-drawn carriage ride to Buckingham Palace in 1902.
Thousands of people who are along the road hysterical. They hail the couple. The atmosphere of the more boisterous when William and Kate appeared on the palace balcony. They kissed follow the tradition of the British Empire.
Duke of Cambridge to kiss the Duchess of Cambridge twice. As a result, the mass outside Buckingham Palace was cheered. They shouted hail the new couple. In 1981, William's father, Prince Charles, also kissed his wife, Princess Diana, on the balcony.
For most Britons, William and Kate's wedding is a party of the people that historic and unforgettable, a journalist who covered 8500. "This is a real atmosphere," said Lindsey Crompton, 42, from Birmingham.
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